Open @ Actility
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Open@actility overview

Open@Actility contains several open-source projects led by our R&D team which relate to the Internet of Things, and use the framework standardized by ETSI Technical Committee “M2M” (ETSI TC M2M).

We believe the full potential of the Internet of Things, for industrial process automation, smarter energy management, security and many other application domains can only be reached by adopting standards and creating large ecosystems. We hope our source code will help you join the standards-based M2M community, and develop new solutions leveraging the Internet of Things!

ETSI M2M Ecosystem

[application] Software and solutions creator for pharmaceuticals, road, parking, power and energy management.

[application] Complete Home Security Systems accessible from the Web and Smartphones.

[Hardware] IP sensors and actuators (6LoWPAN). Energy harvesting.

[application] A home and business digital sinage screen management solution. With integrated ECO message screens, energy graph from online or past measurements.

[application] Meter Data Management (collect and process) for utilities and municipalities.

[application] Smart Grid, Demand Response for industrials, buildings and homes, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Electric Vehicle charging station distribution network management. 

[Hardware] A leading global supplier of advanced networking solutions. Their new energy box product leverages the ETSI M2M architecture.

[application] All in one portal home automation (energy, security...)

[application] Energy added value service solution.

[application] Business IT Intelligence and reporting from numerous data sources (IT, energy...)